It's All About Jason Mraz

''You have to LIVE IT if you want to BE IT!''...Jason Mraz
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好多好多現場 :D

 如果有看到圖片了,就可以安心右鍵下載囉! (我自己有下載,確定連結還有效!)

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[Official Music Videos]

The Remedy ( I Won't Worry)

You And I Both


[Live Performances]

TBS Movie Break, May 29th, 2003:

Interview + The Remedy

VH1 News,  August 6th, 2003:

Pepsi Smash, August 6th, 2003:

You And I Both


VH1 ET, August 24th, 2003:

Good Morning America, September 3rd, 2003:

Jason Mraz - You And I Both

MTV News, september 30th, 2003:

The View, October 8th, 2003:

Jason Mraz- You And I Both


Tonight Show With Jay Leno, November 7th, 2003:

Jason Mraz- You And I Both

Craig Kilborn Show, December 19th, 2003:

Jason Mraz-Winter Wonderland

Dick Clarks Rockin Eve, December 31st, 2003:

I Can't Go For That

The Remedy

TRL, January 15th, 2004:

You And I Both


Jason Mraz As Dion DiMucci
American Dreams, TV Show, Aired March 28th 2004:

Ruby Baby, performance on air.

American Dreams Preview: Jason Mraz, E! News

American Dreams Preview:Jason Mraz, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

Curbside Prophets Tour, Beacon Theater, NY, May 24th, 2004:

Tonight, Not Again

Same Old Song (improv Broadway song)
Right Kind Of Phrase (with singalong)

"I Love the --**'s"
VH1, July 30th, 2004:

Jason Mraz : I Love The 80's

Jason Mraz : I Love The 90's

Ellen DeGeneres Show, September 13th, 2004:

Jason Mraz- You And I Both

Instore Performance
Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, July 2nd 2005:

0% Interest
I'm Yours
Curbside Prophet
Sleeping To Dream
Common Pleasure
Rocket Man
Wildwood Flower
Vagina Is For Lovers

Tonight Show with Jay Leno, July 26th, 2005:

Jason Mraz : Wordplay

Jimmy Kimmel Show, August 26th, 2005:

Geek In The Pink

Kool Haus, Toronto, ON, Canada, October 4th, 2005:

Jason Mraz & Raul Midon: Keep On Hoping
(1st minute and ?missing)

KPRI CD RELEASE PARTY - Live Tracks Volume 3 -
@ Borders - Downtown San Diego, November 26th 2005:

Life Is Wonderful

Ellen DeGeneres Show, February 1st, 2006:

Jason Mraz- Geek In The Pink

Sunrise at 7, Australia, March 28th, 2006:

Wordplay + Interview
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EBS HD, Korea, July 27th, 2006:

EBS HD Performance, Interview and Concert, 700 MB

0% Interest, "Is This Seat taken Version", 5-14-04
Ah Willamina (Carlos Olmeda song, with Toca & Carlos/"trio" show, 05-15-2005)
All I Want For Christmas , with TP (WRLT radio interview)
Anabele (in spanglish, Carlos Olmeda song with Toca & Carlos/"trio" show, 05-15-2005)
Ballad Of Flo'z Kid
Bayaeh (Carlos Olmeda song, in spanish, with Toca & Carlos/"trio" show, 05-15-2005)
Big Bottoms (Ian's "solo" song, Spinal Tap Cover 10-31-2003)
Billie Jean ( full version, low-Q, full band 10-31-2003)
Billie Jean ( rough 1st version, hi-Q, not full, 7-23-2003)
Common Pleasure (additional 1st verse, 4-track tape 1999)
Cosmic Dancer (Marc Bolan cover, 05-15-2001)
Dead End (Jason V's LRC 03-11-2000)
Dear Anna ( With Toca & Carlos Olmeda, "Trio" show, 5-15-2005)
Deborah (Ian's "solo" song, Beck cover, 09-23-2003)
Divorce Song (05-08-2001)
Don't Look Back (07-12-2001)
Don't Look Back feat. Gregory Page (06-20-2004)
Eyes Open(Remember My Name)/In The Ocean(10-18-2000)
Falling All Over The World (Jason V's LRC 03-11-2000)
Galaxy (E Minor In F EP version)
Galaxy (9:30 Club, 7-31-2000)
Galaxy (with Bigmac Rap 11-23-2001) ----- Galaxy (With BigMac rap version 2, 12-06-2001)
Halfway Home (dirtystrum version, Jason V's LRC 05-06-2000)
Halfway Home (infamous "crying" version, 02-01-2003)
Highway To Hell (AC/DC Cover with Maroon 5, Jason is barely audible on stage with birthday Champagne, 06-23-2003)
House On The Hill / Tonight, Not Again (Jason V's LRC 03-11-2000)
It's Allready Over ( At Jason V's LRC 05-06-2000)
King Stahlmans Bail Bonds Blues (With Pete Thurston , 01-06-2004)
Land Down Under (Pennywise cover, 08-21-2001)
Laughing Inside (10-18-2000)
Laughing Inside(03-13-2001)
Morning Theft(Jeff Buckley Cover, 10-18-2000)
Magnetic Poetry/1000 Things (03132001)
Mr Curiousity, Early Rock/Funk version ,Gorge 09-04-2004
Mr Curiousity uptempo funk version, Mr A-Z Release gig, Philly
No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley cover, with John Popper 06-03-2003)
Piano Man (Billy Joel cover, with John Popper, 06-03-2003)
Puff The Magic Dragon (07-12-2001)
Rocky Racoon ( Beatles Cover, Jason V's LRC 05-06-2000)
Spooky (Atlanta Rhytm Section cover, 10-31-2003)
Sewing Machine ( 9:30 Club, 12-13-2005) (lyrics)
Summer Breeze (From 4 track Demonstration CD)
Sweet Child O'Mine (Guns N Roses Cover, 10-31-2003)
That's Just Not Cricket (Improv Song, March 26th 2006, Sydney Oz)
The E Song (With Pete Thurston , 01-06-2004)
The Joker medley (with John Popper, 03-06-2003)
Unfold, with Opera, Gorge 09-03-2004
When You Wish Upon A Star feat. Bushwalla & Gregory Page(4-20-2002)
You Gotta Have Heart (03-22-2005)