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大哉問 part 2: the Band & Friends

( 討論區原文請按此 )

Who is Toca?
Toca Rivera has been singing backup vocals and playing percussion with Jason since 2000. Toca originally played djembe with his brother, Carlos Olmeda, within the local San Diego music scene. Around mid-2000, the pair teamed up with Mraz. They went on to tour together with Spin Records and were featured as a part of the IAm.com commercials, but eventually parted ways in 2001. Carlos decided to take a break from the music industry while Jason and Toca continued to develop their act as a duo, later forming another trio with bassist Ian Sheridan. 
Toca Rivera從2000年開始跟Jason合作,負責合音與打鼓(非洲鼓)。
原本Toca跟哥哥Carlos Olmeda一起在聖地牙哥當地一些音樂場合表演(當時他也是負責打非洲鼓),2000年年中兄弟倆開始跟Jason組團。他們跟著Spin Records一起巡迴,並且成為IAm.com網站廣告的一部分,不過最後在2001年時因Carlos希望離開音樂圈休息一陣子的情況下解散了,Toca繼續和Jason合作,不久後他們找到了後來的貝斯手Ian Sheridan。

How old is Toca?
You can send Toca flowers and kittens to celebrate another wonderful 32nd birthday every February 22. 

Why does Toca carry a gnome?
Originally a gift, Gnomie became an Amelie-esque photo fixture. He now serves as a loyal, non-judgmental travel companion to Mr. Rivera. 

What kind of drum does Toca play?
Toca primarily plays a djembe. During several of the 2002 recordings, he also used another type of drum called a cajon. His percussion section has since grown to include a variety of different instruments. 

Who is Ian?
Otherwise known as the lover of the low end, Ian Sheridan is a bass player hailing from the great state of Washington who joined Jason and Toca during early 2002. He and Jason first met at an open mic night in Los Angeles. 

Who are the Take-It-Easy Buddies?
The Take-It-Easy Buddies is the nickname that Jason gave to his touring band from mid-2003 until the summer of 2006, consisting of percussionist Ian Sheridan, keyboardist Eric Hinojosa, and drummer Adam King. The band was featured on Jason's second album, Mr. A-Z. 
Take-It-Easy Buddies有哪些成員?
Take-It-Easy Buddies 其實是自2003年中至2006年夏天和Jason一起合作的樂團暱稱,包括Ian Sheridan,鍵盤手Eric Hinojosa,以及鼓手Adam King。他們同時也出現在Jason的第二張專輯Mr. A-Z。

Who is Eric?
Eric Hinojosa became the keyboardist of Jason's touring band in June 2003. 
Eric Hinojosa是從2003年6月開始和Jason合作的鍵盤手。

Who is Adam?
Originally from Nottingham, UK, Adam King became the drummer of the Jason Mraz band in June 2003. 

Who is Bushwalla?
Billy "Bushwalla" Galewood is a musician based in Southern California who makes frequent appearances at Mraz gigs across the globe. He and Jason were roommates on the east coast before both eventually relocated to California. MP3s and upcoming Bushwalla tour dates can be found at www.myspace.com/bushwalla 
Billy ''Bushwalla'' Galewood是南加州起家的音樂人,時常和Jason一起巡迴表演。他和Jason在東岸唸書(按:應該是指紐約)時成為室友,雙雙最終都回歸加州繼續發展。

Who is Bill?
Canadian Bill Bell first played electric guitar with Jason's band in July 2003. He later left the band to spend time with his family. 
Bill Bell於2003年7月曾經短暫跟Jason合作,為樂團的電吉他手,不過後來因為希望多點時間陪家人而離開樂團。

Who is Dennis?
Also an old friend from the east coast, Dennis currently sells merchandise for Jason while the Mraz crew is on the road. 

Who is Micah?
Micah Gell-Redman was the original electric guitarist and keyboardist in Jason's touring band. Both he and Scott Seiver joined Jason, Toca, and Ian for three shows opening for Dave Matthews Band in December 2002. Micah remained touring with Mraz until his last show at the Fillmore in San Francisco on May 27, 2003.
Micah Gell-Redman是過去Jason巡迴時的電吉他手以及鍵盤手,跟Scott Seiver一起加入的。他們從2002年Jason幫Dave Matthews Band暖場的三場演唱開始加入Mraz陣容,2003年5月27日在舊金山Fillmore的演唱是他們合作的最後一場演唱。 

Who is Scott?
Scott Seiver was the original drummer in Jason's touring band, joining Jason, Toca, and Ian in December 2002. Scott's last show with the Mraz band was also at the Fillmore in San Francisco on May 27, 2003. Scott can currently be found on tour with Ari Hest. 
Scott Seiver是誰?
Scott Seiver是過去Jason巡迴時的電吉他手以及鍵盤手。他和Micah從2002年Jason幫Dave Matthews Band暖場的三場演唱開始加入Mraz陣容,同樣2003年5月27日在舊金山Fillmore的演唱是他們合作的最後一場演唱。
目前可在Ari Hest的巡迴演唱中看到他的身影。

Who is Jeff?
Uber-blonde Jeff worked as Jason's tour manager from the end of 2002 until May 2003. 
Uber-blonde Jeff是2002年底至2003年5月Jason巡迴演唱的經紀人。

Who is John?
John is Jason's current tour manager. He formerly managed Margaret Cho. 
John是Jason目前的巡迴演唱經紀人,先前曾經是Margaret Cho的經紀人。
(按: 誰是Margaret Cho?? =   ="   ....真慘,明明是亞裔名字我完全沒概念)

What is the band's stage setup?
Jason often plays one of two Taylor Guitars - a 614ce and a 914ce. More information can be found at www.taylorguitars.com. Additional information regarding the band's gear is currently unknown.

Do any of the guys have formal education in music?
Jason dropped out of college and is unable to read music. He is a self-taught guitarist. Ian attended Berklee College of Music for a semester for bass guitar. The formal training of the other band members is unknown.

Who is Tristan?
Tristan Prettyman is Jason's former girlfriend and musical collaborator. The pair wrote the songs Shy The Way and All I Want For Christmas Is Us together, and Tristan frequently appeared as Jason's opening act on tour from 2003 until 2006. Jason is also featured on Tristan's major label debut, twentythree.

Who is Pete?
Donator of the Mrazda, Jason's (former) safe and reliable form of travel. Pete Thurston was in charge of sound at the majority of Jason's early gigs at Java Joe's, and occasionally took to the stage to accompany Jason on guitar and vocals. Pete currently performs in and around San Diego, CA. More information can be found at myspace.com/petethurston.

Who is Jenny Keene?
Jenny supplied Jason with an ample amount of her poety between 1999-2002, some of which Jason later adapted into song lyrics. Both On Love, In Sadness and Tonight, Not Again were songs born from Jenny's original poems.

Who is Ariel?
Ariel Quirolo is one of Jason's old friends and former loves who frequents the message board from time to time. The pair co-wrote many songs together, such as fan-favourite 0% Interest and Childlike Wildlife.

Who is Sheridan?
Sheridan is Jason's ex-wife. She, too, frequents the board from time to time, often to field questions regarding their relationship.

Who is Carlos?
Carlos Olmeda is Toca's brother. He and Toca first joined forces with Jason in 2000 to create a performance trio. Carlos parted ways with Jason and Toca in 2001 to take a break from the music scene. He currently performs solo in and around San Diego, CA, and occasionally reunites with Jason at local shows.

Who is Gregg?
Gregg Gerson played flute at several Mraz shows in 2000 and early 2002.

Who is Aaron?
Aaron Leibowitz is the saxophonist who wowed audiences during his appearances at LA and San Diego Mraz shows in 2003.

Who is Philly?
Philly Brentnall, otherwise known as SheWhoDaydreams, is a friend of Jason turned RKOP administrator who compiled this FAQ. When she's not working at RKOP, you'll find her studying in San Diego and referring to herself in third person.