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journal翻譯: "帽"格分裂...

It took forever to fall asleep last night. Each time I found comfort in the still, I would feel the bed shake. I pretended it was the tube passing underground. But i knew better. The Tube never ran under my bed before. I focused my thoughts on my thank you's and brought a lot of attention to the spook in my room, paying thanks for having my nerves checked. Yep. Every one of them is working just fine. 

After two or three trips to the bathroom, I returned again to the still of the pillow. Approaching that extraordinary boundary between a heavy breath and the whirlwind of dreams, I woke up again to the sound of my own voice saying, "October 12th." Hearing my voice in this silent space startled me. Then i was back to square one, practicing thank you's and having to pee, but with more of a laugh this time.

October 12th is a day I forgot until last night. Many months ago I was headed to San Francisco to see a friend and on the drive up I called and booked a hotel room in the city. Not an hour after I booked it I got word from a friend that I could stay with them so I called back to cancel the room I'd just reserved. "I'm afraid we can't cancel this close to your arrival, sir." What! I had just booked it. I quickly came to realize that the best I could do was change the reservation to a later date, though I had no plans of returning to the Bay Area anytime soon. So I shouted the first date that came to mind, October 12th, assuming I'd call again and reschedule at a later date, or pass off the reservation to a traveling friend in need.

And so, The months flew by and with every passing day the memory of the hotel reservation buried itself deeper into the squishy spaghetti of my brain. Until last night of course.

Oh well. I suppose I could call them back, claim a slight retardation and insist I was referring to October 12th, 2008.

My memory serves me less and less these days. In a way it's good as it keeps everything fresh and new. But what a nice hotel it was. Maybe they let a homeless person stay free in my place.